The College of Fine Arts
9, Nadwiślańska Str.
24-120 Kazimierz Dolny

‘ela,ela’ is an innovative name of a group of artists who met at the Cyprus College of Art. They come from different countries and are presenting their newest works in Kazimierz.

The Cyprus College of Art is an institution with a long tradition. It was established by Stass Paraskos in 1969. His life and work was closely connected with Cyprus, his native country, but his paintings won international recognition.

Professional artists from all over the world joined efforts to work together as a group in a studio challenging their own creativeness and others' experiences. The artists’ unadulterated creation and life contributed to the formation of this project which occurred to be a priceless source of new ideas, experiments and fun. Despite the fact that they were united by a common theme (nature, culture, history and social structure of Cyprus), they have completely different historical backgrounds and experiences.

Derek Henry
Paulina Hortyńska

The authors of works presented at the Festival:

Stephen Westbury (UK)

'My paintings and drawings depict landscapes, because in nature I can find the beauty and finesse of forms I use in creating art.'

Derek Henry (UK)

‘My work is based on mythological connotations of Aphrodite as a spiritual and love mediator’.

Kate Theodore (UK)

‘My paintings contain an individual narration, a recently developed symbolicatity and comic characters’.

Paulina Hortyńska (PL)

‘My paintings are the outcome of journeys, of nature inspirations surrounding me’.

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