Dariusz Hankiewicz. Photographs: „Christos, Jesus, Jahveh'
St. Anna’ Church
Lubelska Str.
24-120 Kazimierz Dolny

The New Presbytery
Zamkowa Str.
24-120 Kazimierz Dolny

Brunon Schultz Festival Association is the Polish co-organizer of the International Brunon Schultz Festival that takes place every 2 years (since 2004) in Drohobycz, Ukraine. The village is the artist’s hometown. He is still underestimated there, the bookstores don’t sell his books. That’s why the Association tries to restore him ‘his beloved land, this uncanny province, this unique town’ by supporting Ukrainian artistic society from the Polish Science Information Centre of the local university. Creativeness, life and perception of Brunon Schultz’s work is a metaphor, a symbol of the 20th century melting pot.

Festivals in Drohobycz draw a variety of people, professors and translators from all over the world; they learn about Schultz from vernissages, performances, concerts and films. Wojciech Hass’ ‘Hour-Glass Sanatorium’, Brothers Quay films (guests of the festival with their ‘Street of Crocodiles’) and Wojtek Grabowski’s short films were presented during the festival. Alfred Schreyer, the last of Schultz’s disciples, and Daniel Galay, an Israeli composer, gave their concerts; we could see performances prepared by Leszek Mądzik’s Visual Stage of the Catholic University of Lublin, Lublin Dance Theatre, Białystok Puppet Theatre, Marczewski’s Studio Test Theatre and Kurbas’ Theatre; we could participate in literary meetings- e.g. Bohdan Zadura and Jurij Andruchowycz (together with the Karbido Crew).

During the festival in Kazimierz, the Association will present artistic projects devoted to the promotion of Schultz’s works, to discovering the magic of Drohobycz and the peculiar character of Borderland culture.


Brunon Schultz Festival Association
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