Soviet Union (USSR) 1968, colour, 49 min.


dir Pavel Klushantsev pro Pavel Klushantsev, Leningrad Popular Science Films Studio sc Pavel Klushantsev ph A. Klimov mus C. Pozhlakov ed T. Wierstakova dis Lenfilm Studio

Since ages the Red Planet has been fascinating scientists. “Mars” is a popular science movie in which, Pavel Klushantsev together with a group of soviet scientists tries to answer hundreds of questions regarding fourth planet from the Sun, which is Mars. He applies very stunning, innovative technical and visual concepts. People have wondered is there a life on Mars. If so, what do the Martians look like. Are they terrifying like from Wells’s “War of the Worlds” or beautiful and sweet such as “Aelita” in Tolstoy’s novel. Could we live on Mars, regardless of temperature. We hope that filmmaker will finally answer all the queries.

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