Moscow Distrusts Tears
The castle in Janowiec * Tuesday (August 4, 2009) * 9:00 p.m.

Moskva slezam ne verit/Moscow Does Not Believe in Tear, ZSRR (SU) 1980, colour,150 min.

dir Władimir Mieńszow sc Walentin Czernych ph Igor Słabniewicz mus Siergiej Nikitin ed Yelena Mikhajlova cast Wiera Alientowa, Aleksiej Bałatow, Irina Murawiewa dis Edelpol

Story about lifes of three girlfriends, who came to Moscow from province, in search of happiness. Each has a different character, expects different things from life and is treated differently by it. Antonina got married, has children and loves her family. For Ludmila Moscow seems to be kind of a lottery, where one can win personal happiness. Katarzyna is a single mom, but at last she met a man she fell in love with: strong, determined, in his own way very similar to her. But love isn’t a simple thing and sometimes it is hard to avoid traps, which wait for lovers...

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Władimir Mieńszow (1939)

Russian director and actor. Although his filmography as an actor is superior to that as director, he will be remembered first of all as Academy Award (Oscar) winning film director. His only second feature length “Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears” brought him international recognition and Oscar for the Best Foreign Film.

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