Open Couple, The
The Small Cinema * Tuesday (August 4, 2009) * 10:00 a.m.

The Open Couple Poland (PL) 2000, colour, 52 min.

dir Krystyna Janda pro TVP sc Dario Fo, Franca Rame w przekładzie Aleksandra Berlina ph Edward Kłosiński mus Ryszard Rynkowski ed Milena Fiedler cast Krystyna Janda, Marek Kondrat,Tomasz Borkowski, Artur Kruczek, Adam Łoniewski, Michał Sieczkowski dis TVP S.A. Teatr Telewizji

Middle-aged couple experience long-lasting crisis. Husband compulsively involves himself in new love-affairs and informs his wife about them bluntly and in detail. Since he believes in an “open relationship”, he sees nothing wrong in doing so. Barbara, however, doesn’t seem to understand her husband. Not only that, she more and more often suffers from heavy neurosis, and that results in family rows and unsuccessful suicide attempts. At last, as the result of husband persuasions and an approval from her child, she decides to embody “open relationship” idea. Soon she has a steady admirer. She starts to revise her life up to the present. She sees more and more her husband’s flaws. He, on the other hand, sees his wife’s transformation and can’t hide the jealousy.

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