TWO RIVERSIDES Festival on line at
Saturday, 08 August 2009 09:12
For the first time in Poland you can watch a film festival on line. From August 1 to August 9, TWO RIVERSIDES Festival will be transmitted at

Thanks to the website you will have a chance to take part in this unique film feast without leaving your homes. Here we will show the films screened in Kazimierz and other productions created by authors present at the festival.

Among the films that will be available on line you can find: Michał Marczewski’s “Weiser”, Maria Sadowska and Anna Maliszewska’s “Non-stop color” and “Fast Dates Room”, Małgorzata Szumkowska’s “It” and her debut film, “A Happy Man”.


During the first day of the festival Borys Lankosz will present his latest documentary film „Radegast”. On our website we will show his awarded film, „Alien VI”.

On the second day of the festival you will have a chance to see Andrzej Wajda’s “Man of Marble” with Krystyna Janda in the leading role. She will also appear in Wajda’s “Sweet Rush” and Ryszard Bugajski’s “Interrogation”. invites the viewers to see her other creations in “A Few People, A Little Time”, “The Yellow Scarf”, “Life as a Fatal Sexually Transmitted Disease” and “Weiser”. The latter will be also shown during the third day of the festival- both in Kazimierz and!

During the fourth day you will see Tadeusz Bystram and Stanisław Zawiśliński’s “I Lived 17 Times”- a film about the life and work of Jerzy Kawalerowicz. Filmoteka will present one of Kawalerowicz’s most famous productions, “Quo Vadis”, in its TV version.

On the fifth day you will be presented with Małgorzata Szumowska’s film. In Kazimierz you’ll see her latest production “33 Scenes from Life” and on our website we’ll present the remarkable “It” and her debut film, “A Happy Man”.

Janusz Majewski’s “Lodger” will be screened in Kazimierz during the sixth day of the festival. The audience of will have a chance to see his outstanding “Love in the Underpass”.

For the final two days of the festival offers Maria Sadowska and Anna Maliszewska’s “Non-stop color” and “Fast Dates Room”, the films that are included in “Make-Up Removal”, a picture presented on the fourth day of the festival.

We will have Jerzy Stuhr as a guest during the festival. will show his “Forecast for Tomorrow”, “Big Animal” and “A Week in the Life of a Man”.


The screenings of feature films will be accompanied by interviews made for Among our interlocutors you will find Ari Folman, the director of “Waltz with Bashir” which will be shown in Kazimierz, Alan Parker, the author of the documentary film “The Wall”, Waldemar Krzystek, the director of “Little Moscow” and our guest at the festival, and Małgorzata Szumowska.

DOCUMENTARY FILMS invites you to see documentary films selected by Grażyna Torbicka, the Artistic Director of the festival:
  • "48 Hours in the Life of a Woman" (dir. Iga Cembrzyńska);
  • "If It Happens" (dir. Marcel Łoziński);
  • "Antique Shop" (dir. Maciej Cuske);
  • "Born dead" (dir. Jacek Bławut);
  • "Film Is A Fairy Tale" (dir. Stanisław Janicki);
  • "Like A Butterfly" (dir. Ewa Pięta);
  • "Travelling Cinema" (dir. Marcin Sauter);
  • "Dwarfs Go To Ukraine" (dir. Mirosław Dembiński);
  • "Unusual Flight of Boeing 737" (dir. Jacek Bławut);
  • "Tell Me Why?" (dir. Małgorzata Imielska);
  • "Rat in the Crown" (dir. Jacek Bławut);
  • "Mysteries of Vatican" (dir. Paweł Pitera/Krzysztof Talczewski);
  • "Freedom is a God-Given Gift" (dir. Cezary Ciszewski);
  • "Around the Corner, Not Far Away" and "Double Time" (dir. Kazimierz Karabasz);
  • "Zbigniew Herbert" (dir. Jerzy Zalewski);
  • "The Life Of A Kind Depraver " (dir. Andrzej Titkow);
  • "The Portraitist" (dir. Irek Dobrowolski).
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