The dwellers of Męcmierz village (Kobyliński's photographs)
The opening of the exhibition : August 2 (Sunday) at 5:00 p.m. in the centre of Męćmierz

We are presenting Kobyliński's pictures of native Męćmierzans and newcomers who have already taken ‘roots’ in this place or are planning to settle here.

42 large-format photographs are exhibited in the square in the centre of Męćmierz. Thanks to the owner of this site, we could adopt the place to be the open air festival gallery.

Janusz Kobyliński

An artist photographer, a member of Association of Polish Art Photographers since 1982. In the years 1976-79 he worked as an independent photographer for ITD, PERSPECTIVES and RAZEM magazines. In the 1980’s he cooperated with MAGNUM agency and PARIS MATCH magazine. Until 2002 he dealt with advertising photography. In the second half of the 1990’s he was the president of ZG and of Warsaw branch of APAP. The co-author and co-editor of ‘WHITE-RED. The Book of Polish Ads Creators’ and vortal; the co-author of Royal Baths Park Agreement, co-founder and member of Association of Polish Authors and Editors POLISH BOOK. In 2006 he founded the first on-line Photography School in Poland He works in the documentary and reportage studio of the Academy of Arts and Design in Łódź.

Career portfolio

APAP Honorary Diploma for ‘ZAWAŁ’ reportage awarded at the Press Photo Competition, 1977. Dozens of individual and collective exhibitions, e.g. World Photo Exhibition organized by the World Council of Professional Photographers and Kodak at the 150th anniversary of photography, which was exhibited in over 100 countries /3 photographs from Poland/. Since 1986 he‘s worked on his individual project called ‘SCORES’ (

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