Mother Earth
PGE Cinema * Tuesday (August 4, 2009) * 12:00 p.m.

Terra Madre, Italy (IT) 2009, colour, 78 min.


dir Ermanno Olmi pro Gian Luca Farinelli Cineteca di Bologna sc Ermanno Olmi ph Giulio Ciarambino, Giacomo Gatti, Gaia Russo Frattasi, Alessandra Gori, Stefano Slocovich, Renato Giuliano, Giampaolo Bigoli, Paolo Giacomini, Massimiliano Pantucci, Luca Cerri, Fabio Rocchi, Fabio Olmi snd Francesco Liotard ed Paolo Cottignola

More than 6,000 farmers, shepherds, fishers and cooks from over 130 countries met in the industrial city of Turin in 2008 for an event known as Terra Madre. This marked the third year that “Slow Food” association had organized this event. Masterful film director Ermanno Olmi was in attendance in 2006 and 2008 with several camera crews. “The production of food is being exploited more than ever as a means of exerting power”, says “Slow Food” founder Carlo Petrini. The idea behind the meeting of the “Terra Madre” network is to make food, and those who produce it, a focal point of our lives once more.

Presentedat Berlinale 2009, section Section: Culinary Cinema.

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Ermanno Olmi (1931)

Born in Bergamo, Italy. He directed his feature film debut in 1959. He won the Golden Palm at Cannes for “L’albero degli zoccoli” in 1978, and founded a film school, Ipotesi Cinema in 1982. “La leggenda del santo bevitore” won the Golden Lion in Venice in 1988.
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