PGE Cinema * Monday (August 3, 2009) *2:30 p.m.

Brazil (BR) 2008, colour, 110 min.


dir José Padilha pro José Padilha, Marcos Prado, Zazen Produções Audiovisuais sc Felipe Lacerda, José Padilha ph Marcela Bourseau snd Yan Saldanha ed Felipe Lacerda

Garapa is a mixture of water and sugar or rapadura (sweetener), which is drank by Brazilians who suffer from chronic hunger. It is the easiest and simplest way to deliver essential calories to the organism. Over four weeks a small crew of filmmakers followed the day-to-day life of three families in the state of Ceará. We find Rosa, Robertina and Lúcia – women who, facing very adverse conditions, fight to feed their families and seek out strategies for survival in an environment where lack of food is constant.

Presented at Berlinale 2009, section: Panorama Dokumente.

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Jose Padilha (1967)

Author of many socially-engaged documentaries. His feature debut “The Elite Squad” not only won numerous film awards and became a success at cinemas, but also provoked a social discussion in Brazil on public safety in Rio de Janeiro.
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