Adam's Apples
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Adams æbler/Adam's Apples, Denmark (DK) 2005, colour, 94 min.

dir Anders Thomas Jensen pro Mie Andreasen, Tivi Magnusson sc Anders Thomas Jensen ph Sebastian Blenkov mus Jeppe Kaas ed Anders Villadsen cast Ulrich Thomsen, Mads Mikkelsen dis Kino Świat

Neo nazi Adam gets out of the bus at some forsaken Danish village, where he is to be resocialized by Reverend Ivan. Silent, gloomy and aggressive Adam dreams only about one thing: let this compulsory stay end as soon as possible. He wants to go back to the city and to activities he enjoyed the most: drinking, fighting and racists brawls. When Ivan asks him seriously what will his goal for the next few weeks be, Adam says that he’d like to bake an apple pie, being not at all serious. He doesn’t expect that his offer will be taken seriously, but he is told to look after the old apple tree, which grows in the backyard.

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Anders Thomas Jensen (1972)

Danish film director and script writer. In 1999 he won an Oscar for best short film with “Valgaften” (Election Night). His film “Adam’s Apples” won numerous award at international film festivals.

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