BOX OFFICE opening hours:

The box-offices can be found in the school grounds at 9, Nadwiślańska Str.
They are open every day from 8:00 a.m. to the beginning of the last screening (at about 10.00 p.m.).

You can buy tickets to:

  1. The opening BOSSA-NOVA concert
    WHEN: August 1, 9.00 p.m.
    WHERE: the Castle in Kazimierz Dolny
    HOW MUCH: 90,00 PLN (box-office), 75,00 PLN (online)

    DESCRIPTION: We’ll start the third edition of the Festival with hot rhythms straight from South America. The Castle in Kazimierz will vibrate with bossa nova music performed by the guests from Brazil. Francis Hime (composer, pianist, vocalist and author of film music) with Olivia Hime (vocalist) and their band of 5 will appear on the stage. Hime is considered one the classic Brazilian bossa nova composers combining afro-Latin rhythms with sophisticated jazz. He also composes music for films, including those created by Bruno Barreto, a Brazilian director who will also appear in Kazimierz.

    The band members are:
    - FRANCIS HIME (piano, vocal),
    - OLIVIA HIME (vocal),
    - GABRIEL IMPROTA (guitars)
    - ANDRÉ SANTOS (contrabass),
    - DIEGO ZANGADO (percussion),
    - DIRCEU LEITE (saxophone, clarinet, woodwind instruments).
  2. Krystyna Janda’s monodrama ‘EAR, THROAT, KNIFE’
    WHEN: August 8, 9.00 p.m.
    WHERE: the Castle in Kazimierz Dolny
    HOW MUCH: 45,00 PLN(box-office), 35,00 PLN(online)

    DESCRIPTION: With the blaming, provocative and teasing tone, Krystyna Janda proves again that she’s one of a kind. On our stage in Kazimierz she’ll appear as Tonka Babić. The heroine lost her husband during the war and being Serb is not welcomed in Croatia. Lying in her bed with a box of chocolates in her hand and a silent TV, she tells the story of her life.

    This show is based on Vedrana Rudan’s novel. It’s the author’s attempt to count up with the demons of the Balkan war and a therapy for the humiliated feminity.
    WHEN: August 7, 2009
    WHERE: Janowiec
    HOW MUCH: 15,00 PLN (box-office), 12,00 PLN (online)

    Little Instruments hide many secrets. An invitation to the Factory of Light is our proposition for those who seek new sounds and sensations.
    The members of Little Instruments prepared an audiovisual story of the romance between the sound and the light. In “THE FACTORY OF SOUND” show we’ll see mysterious machines and onomatopoeic toys. The musicians combine the form and matter characteristic for the machine reality of the show.
    WHEN: August 4, 2009, 9:00 p.m.
    WHERE: Community Centre “Dom Architekta”
    HOW MUCH: 30,00 PLN (box-office), 20,00 PLN (online)

    ‘Cinnamon’ is a cycle of 12 music images. Karbido’s music consists of elements of electronic music, post-rock, noise, minimal and ambient music echoing the long gone barrel-organs, carousels and turnable units. Juri Andruchowicz is the draw here, for his poetry that changes into hypnotic stories about strange occupants of ruined tenement houses. The characteristic feature of the auto-interpretation of poetry is its bilingualism. In Kazimierz we will hear a Polish- Ukrainian mixture of absurd, hope and decadence.


  • The Large Tent pass, ’10 screenings’ (includes 1 lower-price film, except the opening and closing screenings) PRICE: 130,00 PLN
  • The Large Tent pass, ’15 screenings’ (includes 1 lower-price film, except the opening and closing screenings) PRICE:
You can use the tickets until August 8, 2009 (CHOOSE THE FILMS IN THE FESTIVALS BOX-OFFICE)!

The tickets to the opening and closing screenings of the Festival are available as a separate offer in our online store.


  • ‘THE PROPHET’ dir. Jacques Audiard (Grand Prix Cannes 2009) / PREMIERE
    PRICE: 25,00 PLN (online), 30,00 PLN (box-office)
  • ‘MY ONE AND ONLY’ dir. Richard Loncraine (Berlin 2009)/ PREMIERE
    PRICE: 14,00 PLN (box-office)


  • ‘THE LAST ACTION’ dir. Michał Rogalski (Rogalski’s debut film, a comedy with Janusz Machulski’s last performance)
    PRICE: 20,00 PLN (online), 20,00 PLN (box-office)


  • Tickets to PGE Cinema – 14,00 PLN (box-office);
  • Tickets to the Small Cinema – 9,00 PLN (box-office);
  • the Castle in Kazimierz, music films – 5,00 PLN;
  • ‘I Love Cinema’ Café, the Castle in Janowiec – 5,00 PLN;
  • Small Market Square screenings – admission free;
  • Cinema Lessons – admission free;
  • Leo Kantor’s VIOLIN – admission free;
You can buy tickets online on
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