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Maddalena Jugoslavia, Italy (YU-IT) 1971, colour, 112 min.


dir Jerzy Kawalerowicz pro Joseph Fryd, Alfred Piccolo sc Jerzy Kawalerowicz ph Gabor Pogany mus Ennio Morricone ed Franco Arcalli cast Lisa Gastoni, Eric Woofe, Ivo Garrani, Paolo Gozlino, Barbara Pilavin dis Studio Filmowe Kadr

Jerzy Kawalerowicz made a movie about passions restrainedby culture and religion. It is a story about catholic priest, who is taken over by beautiful girl’s charm, title- Maddalena. Very important part of the movie plays music composed by Ennio Morricone.

Jerzy Kawalerowicz

Film director and co writer of almost all of his movies. Between 1946-49 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow and during his studies he participated in Film Preparation Course. Cofounder and first president of Polish Filmmakers Association. Since 1980 he is a lecturer at the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School (PWSFTviT) in Lodz. On 23rd of March 1998 he was honored with the honorary doctorate of Sorbonne University.

Works of Jerzy Kawalerowicz show perfect proficiency in production workshop, sensitivity for artistic composition of the frame. In his movies Kawalerowicz undertakes reflection on human nature and his position in the world in the realm of psychological and political conditioning.

Selected filmography:
  • Quo vadis (2001)
  • Why? (1995)
  • Bronstein's Children (1990)
  • The Hostage of Europe (1989)
  • The Inn (1983)
  • Chance Meeting on the Atlantic(1980)
  • Death of a President (1977)
  • Maddalena (1971)
  • The Game (1968)
  • Pharaon (1966)
  • Mother Joan of the Angels (1961)
  • Baltic Express (1959)
  • Real End of the Great War (1957)
  • Shadow (1956)
  • Under the Phrygian Star (1954)
  • Celullose (1953)
  • The Village Mill (1951)
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