POWER STATION OF SOUND-music spectacle by Little Instruments
The castle in Janowiec * Friday (August 7, 2009) * 10:00 p.m.

dir Little Instruments, mus Little Instruments, cast Little Instruments (Maciej Bączyk, Jędrzej Kuziela, Maciej Markowski, Tomasz Orszulak, Marcin Ożóg, Paweł Romańczuk), 50 min.

Inventing a mechanical man playing flute seemed equally unreal like inventing a light bulb. But both inventions were successful. The urge to possess the divine objects is not the crazy alchemy of gold. It's a series of discoveries and inventions in the field of sound systems- sometimes completely simple and primitive, and sometimes technically advanced. The world of music machines, kinetics of music that creates energy- this is the essence of the experiment carried out by Little Instruments. Place- the power station, dialogues- the music made by mechanisms and little instruments, which combines advanced experiments with emotionally naïve discoveries.

Is it possible to create the synergy of musical mechanics and real energy by following those sound experiments?- come and join us at 'POWER STATION OF SOUND'.

The spectacle is a sound story about imaginary ways of transforming sound into light. Main tools used here - those small instruments - cooperate with sound & light machines, made by the band for the use of the show, in music and on stage. The illusory plot presents the last hours of work at the "Power Station of Sound" and its abandoned workers. The music of the show is a fearless combination of machine sound effects with pieces characteristic for the machine reality of an imaginary factory of light.

‘The Power Station of Sound’ was awarded the main prize for the best Off Trend event during the 29th Theatrical Song Contest in Wrocław.

Little Instruments

Little Instruments are a band exploring new sounds using a wide array of small instruments. The group was started by Pawel Romanczuk in 2006, who was joined by Marcin Ozog, Maciej Markowski, Tomasz Orszulak, Jedrzej Kuziela and Maciej Baczyk. The instruments used in their sonic experiments feature an ever expanding array of professional instruments, sound toys made for children or naive in nature, strange musical inventions as well as a whole array of small items that aren't really instruments but do make a sound. The music created in this way reveals unique colours of sound – sometimes beautiful and fine, sometimes surprising and insightful.

The group debuted at ‘ERA New Horizons’ Film Festival in 2007 and since then they have worked on many musical projects and cooperated with Jerzy Armata, the Polish Audiovisual Publishers, ARKA Dance Theatre, Entropia Gallery, Warsaw CSW Gallery, Audio Art Festival, Capitol Theatre and others.

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